Keywords make up for at least 15% of the Google Ranking Factors. Therefore, if you want to drive more traffic to your website, you need to find out what keywords people are using the most when searching for the insurance services you offer.

The Five Most Popular Insurance Keywords to Use in Your Content Because the insurance industry covers a broad range of topics, we have decided to list a few of the most popular keywords for home, auto, and life insurance.

1. Renters Insurance – 134,000 MV (monthly value) Top Similar Keyword – Geico renters’ insurance – 39,500 MV Renters insurance isn’t discussed as often as traditional homeowner’s insurance plans. Therefore, many renters may turn to Google to find out more about this specific type of coverage. Because a vast majority of renters are young adults, who also use the internet as their primary source of information, this is an ideal keyword to use.

2. Whole Life Insurance – 34,700 MV Top Similar Keyword – term vs. whole life insurance – 5,100 MV Whole life insurance is a desirable form of coverage that people of various ages may consider for their life insurance policy. Because a whole life policy accumulates money over time that the policyholder may borrow from if needed, this type of insurance is searched for by young adults as well as middle-aged adults.

3. Business insurance – 24,500 MV Top Similar Keyword – small business insurance – 8,300 MV Business insurance is a significant investment that many new business owners may not know much about. Adding this keyword to your blog will help draw in those small business owners and future owners of major corporations to your website so they can learn more about their options.

4. Compare Car Insurance – 5,500 MV Top Similar Keyword – compare car insurance quotes – 4,200 MV When looking for a new car insurance policy, most people are interested in comparing rates from other companies side by side instead of merely seeing the numbers from one company. By using this keyword, you attract those who are currently interested in purchasing a car insurance policy and searching for the best deal, instead of someone who just wants general information on car insurance.

5. Flood Damage – 660 MV Top Similar Keyword – How Much Does Fema Pay for Flood Damage? – 1,200 monthly volume Flood damage is often a tricky subject when it comes to homeowner’s insurance. That’s because some companies may offer this coverage as an add-on, while others include it with the primary policy.

Homeowners often search for answers about flood damage when considering buying a new policy. Therefore, this would be a good keyword for homeowner’s insurance providers to use. By choosing the right keywords to use in the content on your insurance blog, you will attract more online users who are most likely to give you a call. These individuals are online searching for answers to their current insurance needs. And using these same keywords will lead them to your company’s website where they can find out more information.

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