There are many different online lead generation agencies you can choose to work within 2022, and you may get different results with each one. Some programs are designed for agencies in a specific geographic location, while others have leads country-wide. Some agencies provide exclusive leads. Some online insurance lead generation agencies are designed to help you maximize SEO, while others send pre-qualified phone leads. 

So how do you decide which online lead generation agency to work with for the best leads for your agency? While there are plenty of options, some stand out amongst their peers. Purchasing leads can be a great way to augment your sales and find new clients. 

We have done the research for you and identified 10 of the top online insurance lead generation agencies to work with in 2022. Read on to learn more

10 of the Best Online Insurance Lead Generation Agencies in 2022

When you begin shopping for an online insurance lead generation agency to help you find new leads, you will see there are many different options to consider. Here are ten of the best to get you started in your search: 

  1. Prospects for AgentsProspects for Agents promises high-quality, call center screened leads in all the major insurance verticals. Their leads are based on consumer interest and are screened before being sent to your agency.
  2. DatalotDatalot is a lead generation agency that provides live calls to agents. They focus on pre-qualified incoming call leads from potential customers who click to call. An essential distinction of Datalot is that their leads are exclusive – the calls you purchase are not shared with other agents. Exclusivity can be a critical factor in your decision about which online insurance lead generation agency to use. Datalot sells leads in many traditional lines of business – auto, home, commercial, health, and Medicare.
  3. Social Insurance LeadsSocial Insurance Leads is an online insurance lead agency that generates leads based on social media platforms, primarily Facebook. The agency offers Medicare leads, final expense leads, Spanish final expense leads, and estate planning leads. Their program differs from many of their competitors since they use social media, a quickly-growing platform.
  4. ABC LeadsABC Leads offers leads in several verticals, including health, disability, life, annuities, and long-term care. ABC takes its name from the sales mantra “Always Be Closing,” so it is evident sales culture is ingrained in their company – they know what they are talking about when it comes to lead generation. Established in 1998, ABC Leads is one of the oldest online insurance lead generation agencies in the marketplace.
  5. ZipQuote ZipQuote sells auto, home, and health insurance leads and has been in business since 2008. They provide reliable volume projections and helpful account management and technical support. ZipQuote allows you to target customers in any geographic location around the country, customizing your results with several filters so you can get the best leads targeted to your agency’s niche.
  6. iLeadsiLeads is a California-based company started in 1996. They sell leads for customers that are seeking auto, home, health, disability, life, long-term care, and annuities. iLeads also sells vintage leads – aged leads that never were purchased after filling out an online interest form.
  7. QuoteWizardQuoteWizard, owned by LendingTree, is a reliable source of online insurance lead generation. They see a high volume of consumer traffic, translating to many quality leads for agents. Agents can buy leads for many insurance products, including home, auto, condo, health, and Medicare insurance.
  8. Benepath Benepath is an online insurance lead generation agency that sells exclusive leads to agents. They offer individual and group health leads, Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement leads, life insurance leads, commercial leads, and aged leads. Benepath connects you with leads via email, text, or direct integration with your CRM system. Your leads receive a branded thank you page after being assigned to your agency since the lead is exclusive to you.
  9. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency Thrive is an internet marketing company providing many different services, from SEO to web design. They sell insurance leads in life, health, auto, and home and focus on helping clients improve interactions with potential customers to lead to sales. Thrive was established in 2005 and has grown to service clients globally.
  10. InsuranceLeadsInsuranceLeads is an online insurance lead generation agency offering one of the lowest shared lead caps in the industry. They sell leads in all the major verticals, including auto, health, home, renters, life, annuities, disability, long-term care, and business property and casualty insurance.  

What is Next After Purchasing Insurance Leads?

Whichever online insurance lead generation agency you use, be sure to set your expectations realistically. Understand what is being offered and promised by your lead generation provider. 

Ask your insurance lead generation agency how to best utilize the leads you purchase from them, and then set a plan within your agency to handle the leads you receive. Know the timing of the leads so you can have extra staff available to field incoming phone calls and respond to customer inquiries quickly. 

Once you purchase your leads, closing the sale and servicing your new customer becomes your responsibility. Be sure you are ready to take on these new clients and be prepared to provide them with excellent and proactive customer service to turn your new client into a lifelong customer. Using purchased leads can be a great addition to your agency’s marketing and sales plan. 

Being proactive and responding to inquiries and potential customers promptly is a great way to turn a lead into a sale and see a return on your investment in your online insurance lead generation program.

How do I Learn More? 

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