Scheduling Sales Times

Insurance agents delivers a myriad of solutions, from processing claims to explaining policies to educating customers about varying types of coverage. Once you have helped your client solve their problem, don’t hesitate to ask for referrals. Here are some tips to growing your client base:

  • Make a direct and specific ask: It all comes down to directly asking your client for a referral. Remind them about how knowledgeable you were with explaining policies and getting their claims processed. Give them specific examples of what you can do, such as getting the best insurance rates or helping people who live in the neighborhood. You can ask them if they know someone at their particular job or place of interest who has a type of insurance they are looking to purchase or who needs to file a claim due to some sudden occurrence.
  • Give regular updates through various channels: Showcase examples of how you’ve helped your clients and add these posts to your social media channels. Create a Facebook page for your clients to “like,” connect with others via LinkedIn, and regularly update your website. You can even hold virtual happy hours, workshops, and mini-conferences online to share the best tips on finding insurance coverage and any other topics of interest. This way, you can gather attention and connect with others.
  • Reward clients for making recommendations: Always personally thank a client for passing your information forward to someone, whether it’s through sending a personalized postcard, calling them, or even mailing a little gift of appreciation. You can also provide discounts or free/exclusive services for every person that gets referred to you. Show your appreciation-it can go a long way.


Final Thoughts

 Insurance agents can significantly grow their business by receiving referrals from their clients. Instead of relying on cold calls or waiting for someone to find you, take the initiative and gain reliable and targeted customers to come your way.

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