As insurance agents, when it comes to maintaining and growing your agency, we often overlook one of the best tools we have at our disposal- email. Some of us hate writing them, and others hate checking them. However, email still ranks as one of the top ways to communicate with your insurance clients about new policy offerings, updates to your business, and other important news.

As convenient as email is, we often don’t utilize it in all the ways that benefit us the most. Sometimes we archive the wrong email or forget to reply at all if we can’t respond immediately. Rather than let valuable business fall through the cracks, we’re introducing the power of Insureio.

Client Relationship Management Systems

Insureio is a client relationship management system or CRM. CRM allows you to track follow-up calls, emails, take client notes, and much more. Through Insureio, you can make detailed notes on clients and their needs, view specific insurance policy details, and scan digital copies of supporting documentation for a client’s application.

Insureio has some great features that make it incredibly easy to use and stay on top of your to-do list. For instance, the system will indicate where a client is in the sales process via a status indicator. The client might be labeled as a prospect, as involved in the application process, or as a policyholder. Each status comes with a set of tasks or prompts to remind you of follow-up actions that inspire them to take the next step in the process.

Take Charge of Your Email List

Insurance agents can customize the status bars and settings to make it work best for their business needs. You can automate reminder emails or manually change the client’s status once your task list has been completed. Insureio is there to make sure you don’t miss any valuable business communication.

How do I Learn More? 

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