Good insurance agents do not show their concern about selling products or pricing. Instead, when they speak with potential customers or clients, they ask questions and listen to concerns. In most cases, they will start with a question that helps to clarify the situation, and what their products or services can do to resolve that prospect’s problem.

For example, when attempting to sell life insurance to a customer, you want to learn more about what’s recently happened in their life that has caused them to lookup more information about life insurance. When you understand why they are interested in the first place, you will be able to provide them with better solutions to make sense of their current situation.

When you take the time to understand more about why this person is showing interest in your product, you have what you need to avoid the unnecessary sales pitches and get to the point of the matter. You can take the time to find out what they know about life insurance and fill in the gaps by providing details on topics they may not know.

Voicemails Messages

All the above comments can be very useful when you are speaking one-on-one with a potential client. But what if you return a call and it goes to voicemail? How can you be sure you get their attention without actually speaking with them? By using the information, they provided to you.

When returning a call to a potential client who has shown interest in an insurance product, you already have a lot of the hard work completed. This person is showing interest in what you have to offer. Now it is your job to keep them interested in the voicemail message you leave.

Take a look at any comments they left if they filled out a request for more information. Have they recently lost a loved one and are now interested in what their options are for insurance? Or are they simply planning for the future and want to learn more about what life insurance plans are best for them?

Use this information as a starting point as you ask a few short questions while leaving your message. Insurance agents should also remember to show concern through your voice, be concise, be straightforward, and yet highly informative to help guarantee you will receive a callback.

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