Good work-life balance is a habit of successful insurance agents

Earning high-commissions, enjoying autonomy with a flexible working schedule, and chasing down the next prospect can be exciting for insurance agents. However, if you do not strike some type of balance between your work and life, you will burn out FAST!

To achieve a high degree of success, you need to learn to work at the right time, set and chase goals, and also find time for your hobbies and other personal pursuits.

Why Strike a Balance?

Without a doubt, selling insurance can be a lucrative career if you succeed in attracting and retaining the right clients. However, there is another side of the story worth knowing. You should beware of high customer rejection and loss of some clients at each renewal period. It happens, it’s the insurance game.

Note: If a client CAME to you based on PRICE, they will ALWAYS leave you based on PRICE… Always sell the BENEFITS of the policy, and not the PRICE of the policy.

A healthy work-life balance helps you rejuvenate, so you can accomplish more when you get to work. More precisely, daily hobbies, family time, and other interests can help you keep your Mind, Body and Soul healthy, and running at an optimal level.

Useful Tips for Building Work/Life Balance

Plan Yourself and Set and Limits

Many successful insurance agents have daily goals. You can do the same if you want to attain a balance between work and life without leaning too much on one. So, schedule time to return phones, messages, and emails. Also, limit the number of meetings you attend each day, but make sure you achieve your daily goals as best you can.

Be a Team Player and Delegate

Delegating responsibilities when it is necessary helps you free up more time for personal and professional tasks. It is a good idea to have someone in mind who can keep the work going even when you are out of the office, as well.

Take Care of Your Body

Perhaps this is the most important thing you should do. Eat well, exercise, meditate, and allow your body to de-stress each day. It is easy to strike a balance when you keep your body healthy.

Final Thoughts

For a long-term and successful career, it is imperative to find a healthy work-life balance as an insurance agent. Focus on your plan, targets, and prospects each day, but remember to free up time for personal growth.

How do I Learn More?

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