How to Research Your Clients and Prospects Better if You are an Insurance Agent:

So many industries rely on face-to-face interactions, and insurance is no different. In our ever-changing world, meeting face-to-face isn’t always a guaranteed way to attract new clientele. To grow an insurance business, agents need to be comfortable cold calling potential clients and following up with existing policyholders. Cold calling can be intimidating but is one way insurance agents can expand their market reach and attract new policyholders.

There are tried and true ways to make cold calling an effective marketing method. Setting yourself up for success means having a script and researching your clients before getting in touch. By doing a bit of research, you can tweak your script to fit their circumstances and make your case effectively.

A cold call isn’t the time to pepper a potential client with a mass of information- instead, it is a time to have a quick conversation about their needs, how you can help and that’s it for that call. A tremendous cold call script looks something like this:

  1. You describe a problem your client might have and how it relates to their personal or professional goals.
  2. Explain how, when an accident, injury, or other problem arises, these circumstances can derail your potential client’s goals and dreams.
  3. You can then list the steps or products (like an insurance policy) that would allow your potential client to overcome that problem or situation.
  4. Finally, give them a call to action that will enable them to take a step towards success.

Not every cold call will result in direct action, but showing people the problems you can solve is immensely helpful in considering what you are offering. You can give potential clients information about getting a free insurance quote, visiting your website, or making an appointment with an agent. Your cold calling script should be short, sweet, and empowering to prompt people to take action.

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