Hello, my name is Maurice Draine. I’m a former insurance agent of 12 years.

I have been professional writing for 14 Years and hold a 4-Year Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. I currently write for dozens of insurance agencies, and I ghost write for many online bloggers you may know. These companies are all over the world; U.S, Canada, India, Australia, Venezuela, Israel, and Ukraine.

“Maurice is wonderful to work with! My agency needed assistance in developing content for our insurance-focused blog and marketing materials. We worked with Maurice to write several articles and each time we worked together, he was extremely prompt, highly knowledgeable about the topics, and very personable. Maurice has a great deal of industry experience and his writing helped drive more traffic to our site. If you’re looking for a professional who is kind, committed, and an expert, look no further and hire Maurice!“

Samantha SchaibleSr. Account Executive | Designer

Insurance Specialists

Choose a copywriter who knows your industry. Hiring an amateur in order to save a few dollars could damage your online credibility. As a former insurance agent, I have an in-depth understanding of the insurance business. I can makes sure all your copy is accurate and in line with the insurance landscape today. I have experience writing for the following types of insurance coverage:

  • Auto
  • Home
  • Life
  • Medical
  • GL
  • E&O
  • D&O
  • EPLI
  • Cyber
  • \WC
  • Umbrella
  • Health
  • Excess
  • InsurTech
  • FinTech
  • And More

Christmas time with my loving family. My wife Heather, who I first met at 19 years old, I’m 40 years old now. My daughter Gianna (10), who loves gymnastics and Mia, who loves to play dress up (6). I was not blessed with monetary riches, but my family makes me feel like the riches man on the planet each and everyday.


I hold a Four -Year Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, with a Professional Writing focus from Metropolitan State University. I studied one year of Marketing at Kansas State University.

Insurance Training

I first got the chance to cut my teeth in the insurance world back in 2008 with MetLife Auto & Home. In my 12 years in the insurance industry, I have had the pleasure of working for Aflac Insurance, Nationwide, and Wells Fargo Insurance.

Titles I Have Held In The Insurance Industry

  • Insurance Agent
  • Insurance Broker
  • Licensed Insurance Customer Service Rep
  • Insurance Underwriting Technician II

How I Got Into The Insurance Industry

To be honest, back in 2008, I never ever saw myself in the insurance industry. I mean, who goes to college for four+ years, and tells their mother and father they want to be an insurance agent? True insurance lifers will know JUST what I’m talking about… Insurance has been GOOD to me, but I fell into it like most and later learned to love it.

Fast forward 12 years, and now I can’t live without it. Insurance has become my love, and one of the best career decisions I ever made… HOWEVER, this decision wasn’t always so clear… After I graduated college with a degree in Journalism, I had ultra high hopes! I was going to be the next Stephen A. Smith, a world famous sports analysis.

I lasted about 13 months in the broadcasting world, and my love for it fizzled out as the hours were long and the pay was short. After that, my wife told me she was pregnant with our first child, Gianna. I knew $11.63 wasn’t going to cut it to care for a newborn. Soon after, I found the insurance world, life has been much better, and I have no regrets not staying in broadcasting.


I want to help insurance related businesses connect with their target audiences, help bring in more leads for them, and bring them the latest InsurTech and FinTech news that can help put their businesses on top.