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Masterminds Insurance Copywriting creates custom insurance copy for agencies and companies nationwide. We handle your writing workload — no matter how big or small — so that you can focus on managing your business. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Our owner, Maurice Draine, is a skilled writer with a BA in Journalism and more than 12 years of experience in the insurance industry. As a former insurance agent, he understands the insurance business inside and out. He currently writes for dozens of insurance agencies in the United States and Canada, and he has done work for clients as far away as India, Australia, Israel, and Venezuela.

“Mastermind Insurance Copywriting is a strategic writer that delivers on time and with excellence on all content projects requested. We will keep working with Maurice for a long time to come.
Julio S.R.

CEO & Founder, Digital Marketing Agency for Small Businesses

“Maurice is an exceptional writer and insurance professional. He is always easy to work with, and appreciates feedback. He is also attentive to deadlines and recommendations. The next time we need a piece of content written, we know who to go to!”
Jason Wesley

Marketing and Communications Manager, Orchid Insurance

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Top 6 Ways to use LinkedIn if you are an Insurance Agent

Social media adds value to our lives in many ways by enriching connections between people. We have been using sites like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram to stay connected to family and friends, sharing baby pictures and vacation updates. But social media sites add...
Insurance Agents need to make sure they are documenting each customer enteraction.

Insurance Agents: The Importance of Properly Documenting Follow-Ups

As insurance agents, your job is to professionally assist your clients in finding insurance coverage right for their lives and budgets. As professionals, your follow-through, advice, and industry knowledge are held to a high company standard. However, things can often...
Insurance Agents: Work smart and have time to rest and recover so you do not burn out.

Insurance Agents: Balance Work and Personal Time

Good work-life balance is a habit of successful insurance agents Earning high-commissions, enjoying autonomy with a flexible working schedule, and chasing down the next prospect can be exciting for insurance agents. However, if you do not strike some type of balance...
Insurance agents need to have big picture thinking and planning, with written steps on how to realize each goal.

Insurance Agents: Create an Annual Plan

Let’s face it! Insurance agents venture into the market with the hope of building a great insurance agency. Some succeed while others flounder. Why is that?... Maybe it is because some insurance agents are not using all the tools they have in their tool boxes. Ever...
As an insurance agents, it is crucial to specifically ask for referrals, disperse regular updates through posts and events, and reward clients for their recommendations.

Insurance Agents: Why You Should Learn How to Schedule Sales Time

Scheduling Sales Times Insurance agents delivers a myriad of solutions, from processing claims to explaining policies to educating customers about varying types of coverage. Once you have helped your client solve their problem, don’t hesitate to ask for referrals....
Insurance agents can change their conversion rates by just sending better emails.

Insurance Agents: How to Send Better Emails if you are an Insurance Agent

As insurance agents, when it comes to maintaining and growing your agency, we often overlook one of the best tools we have at our disposal- email. Some of us hate writing them, and others hate checking them. However, email still ranks as one of the top ways to...
Insurance agents creating a referral system based on the relationships they already have, is one of the keys needed in building a sustainable insurance business.

Insurance Agents: How to Develop a Referral System

Insurance agents build their book of business through referral. Referrals come from two sources: (1) Satisfied customers, and (2) Business relationships. Satisfied customers are a great source of revenue as they refer you to friends and family. However, you need...
Insurance agents or salespeople need to “show” concern through your voice, be concise, and straightforward.

Insurance Agents: How to Leave Better Voicemails To Prospects

Good insurance agents do not show their concern about selling products or pricing. Instead, when they speak with potential customers or clients, they ask questions and listen to concerns. In most cases, they will start with a question that helps to clarify the...
An Insurance Agent who documents their client interactions are ahead of the game.

Insurance Agent: The Importance of Properly Documenting Your Follow-Ups

Why Is Properly Documenting Follow-Up Connections Important As An Insurance Agent?   As an insurance agent, your job is to professionally assist your clients in finding insurance coverage right for their lives and budgets. As professionals, your follow-through,...